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Gavi Gavi Gavi

About Gavi

Spread across the beauty of Periyar Tiger Reserve,Gavi is a quiet, beautiful and pristine forest haven. It is at the eastern extreme of the Pathanamthitta District at 3400 ft above MSL. These evergreen forests are abundant with magnificent Wildlife including the tiger, elephants, leopards, bears, Indian gaur, sambar, barking & Mouse deers, lion tailed macaque, other varieties of monkeys, Nilgiri Marten and a lot more.For the nature explorers Gavi offers the complete acquaintance with the flora around including NageiaWallichinia (PodocarpusWallichinia), a highly endemic species of the Gymnosperm family seen only around Gavi in the whole Western Ghats !If you are a birder, the forests around Gavi are home to over 320 species of birds –the great Indian hornbills, sunbirds, woodpeckers, kingfishers and myriads of mynas, dongos, cuckoos and bulbuls-truly any birder’s dream!The sheer beauty of this place is indeed worth a closer look ! Here is nature at its unadulterated best. Gavi often serves as a base camp for deep jungle trekkers, birdwatchers, nature lovers and research students.Gavi is a heaven for birdwatchers. Active involvement of tribals in Gavi makes it a unique venture of its kind in the country.

Traditional knowledge of the forest and its way of life helps Gavi to sustain its surroundings in its original state.

The road leading to the picturesque Gavi is blanketed by tea plantations, which itself is a refreshing experience. En route to Gavi are places of interest like Mundakayyam, Kuttikanam, Peermedu and Vandiperiyarfrom where the road deviates to Gavi.

Walk around, mingle and feel the oneness with nature. Outskirts of Gavi will give you glimpses of certain rare species of animals like NilgiriTahr and Lion-tailed macaque, and birds like great pied hornbill, woodpecker, kingfishers, etc.

A short trek along the hill will take you to Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple, one of the most-visited Hindu pilgrimage centers of India.

Paradise Cove at Ninnumulli is something nature lovers cannot afford to miss.

Other such places of interest near Gavi include Kuttikanam, Peermedu, Vandiperiyar and cardamom factory visits.

Things To Do:-

Activities in Gavi are not restricted to avian enthusiasts alone, instead the place appeals to a birder and a deep jungle trekker alike. For hard-core trekkers Gavi offers the best trekking trail - deep jungle trekking through Pullumedu Peak (the way to Shabarimala shrine) being the much-preferred. The placid waters of Gavi and Kochupamba lakes can engage you in boating and canoeing. For those who crave for an extra adrenaline pump, a night’s stay at the tree top huts, night safaris through jungle roads and night camping in intense forest are some of the recommended choices.

How to reach there

By Air: the Kochi International Airport (200kms) ,Trivandrum International Airport (250kms)and Madurai (195kms) are the nearest Airports.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kottayam (120kms) and is well connected with Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi.

By Road: Regular buses are available to Vandiperiyar from Kochi & Thiruvananthapuram . A small bus rattles even up to Gavi from Vandiperiyar once a day(4 pm) the journey in which will be the most heart throbbing experience.